Before you browse the winners we want to make one thing clear: it’s impossible to get it 100% right. 50% of YC founders were previously rejected before getting accepted. There are going to be incredible teams that we missed in the judging. We are excited to highlight winners, but we are just as excited about the teams who submitted who didn’t get selected. The average quality of submissions was impressively high, which made it all the more challenging to select winners. To that end, we’ve reserved an additional airdrop allocation for ALL teams who submitted in the Big Bang competition. Non-winning teams who continue building on Blast and actively contribute to the ecosystem will be eligible to claim this airdrop in May (Points redemption).x

Here’s a breakdown of how the Blast developer airdrop will be allocated.

Dapp Category Airdrop Allocation timeline
Mainnet Dapps Out of this world Mainnet launch to May
Big Bang Winners Substantial Mainnet launch
Big Bang Runner-Ups Significant Mainnet launch
Big Bang Honorables Solid Mainnet launch
Other Big Bang Participants Decent May

If you didn't participate in the competition, don't worry. The vast majority of the Blast developer airdrop will be distributed to dapps on the Blast mainnet. Check out our docs to learn how to build new kinds of dapps with Blast's native yield https://docs.blast.io/

<aside> 💡 Big Bang winners, runner ups, and honorable mentions will receive their airdrop allocations once the Blast Mainnet goes live the week of Feb 26. Airdrop allocations will not be revealed until then. Note that allocations are per winner and not per category. Multiple winners in one category does not mean those winners get less than a category with fewer winners.



Dapp Category Twitter Description
Ambient Finance Spot Dex https://twitter.com/ambient_finance Ambient is an AMM that combines concentrated liquidity, fungible full-range xyk LP tokens, and pure on-chain limit orders into a common liquidity pool. Ambient is a singleton contract supporting hooks, dynamic fees, auto-compounding and gas savings.
Thruster Spot Dex https://twitter.com/thrusterfi Thruster is a degen-first, purpose-built DEX bringing the best of composable DeFi to Blast. For devs, Thruster has fair launch mechs and liquidity tools; for users, Thruster has the best LP yield opps, built-in analytics, & an easy trading exp.
Bebop Spot Dex https://twitter.com/bebop_dex Bebop is an app and API suite that brings efficient and seamless spot crypto trading to everyone.
Mangrove Spot Dex https://twitter.com/mangrovedao Mangrove is an orderbook DEX where LPs are able to restake liquidity sitting on other protocols. On Mangrove, code can be attached to offers posted on the orderbook, enabling the aggregation of all liquidity within Blast ecosystem and doubling yields
Ring Protocol Spot Dex https://twitter.com/protocolring Ring Protocol is a New Era in Decentralized Exchange on Blast that maximizes asset utilization. Our spot DEX, Ring Swap, allows liquidity providers to earn swap fees and yields by staking underlying assets and/or RWA.
100x Finance Perp Dex https://twitter.com/100xfinance 100x is a low latency CLOB DEX built for Blast focused on scalability, capital efficiency, and liquidity. Blast users can trade pre-launch futures and perps on any asset with leverage on 100x.
Blast Futures Exchange (BFX) Perp Dex https://twitter.com/blastfutures Blast Futures Exchange (BFX) is a fully integrated orderbook perpetual futures exchange with native yield. BFX offers an all-in-one trading platform with omni-chain liquidity and max efficiency.
Blitz Perp Dex https://twitter.com/tradeonblitz Blitz is Binance on Blast. Blitz is a self-custodial futures exchange, spot exchange, and money market with CEX-level performance.
Bloom Perp Dex https://twitter.com/bloomonblast Perpetuals DEX offering 1 click / gasless trades, up to 50x leverage, and loss-rebates via rebasing yield.
InfinityPools.finance Perp Dex https://twitter.com/infpools InfinityPools is a DEX that offers unlimited leverage on any asset with no liquidations, no counterparty risk and no oracles.
SynFutures Perp Dex https://twitter.com/synfuturesdefi Perp DEX with up to 100x leverage and native yield powered by Blast. Oyster AMM model = CLMM + On-chain Limit order.
Fragment Lending https://twitter.com/fragmentfi Fragment is a decentralized, non-custodial borrow and lend protocol purpose-built and optimized for yield-bearing assets. As a Blast-native protocol, Fragment enables a secure and capital-efficient way to earn enhanced yield on LRTs, LPTs, and more.
Juice Finance Lending https://twitter.com/juice_finance Juice is a decentralized protocol enabling levered cross-margin trading accounts. Users can directly use the Juice dashboard to access other protocols on Blast for yield farming and levered spot trading, earning various token and ecosystem rewards
MetaStreet Lending https://twitter.com/metastreetxyz MetaStreet is a yield infrastructure protocol. Any illiquid asset is convertible it into a yield-bearing token, or Liquid Credit Tokens (LCTs), through automatic tranche maker. LCTs are ETH-denominated, earns 10-125% ETH APR, and fits into LSDfi.
Orbit Lending Lending https://twitter.com/orbitlending Orbit Lending is the native liquidity protocol on Blast to lend and borrow assets.
Pac Finance Lending https://twitter.com/pac_finance Pac is the first hybrid lending protocol on Blast, featuring both peer to peer loans and peer to pool loans. Pac Finance will feature self-repaying loans, one-click leverage trading, instant lending loops, and more
Particle Lending https://twitter.com/particle_trade Particle builds a permissionless, oracle-free protocol to enable leverage trading for any ERC20 tokens. Traders can long/short any token with leverage even at the token launch time. LPs can boost liquidity efficiency and earn higher yield.
Blume Lending https://twitter.com/blumefm Blume is a cross-collateral lending protocol built on Blast.
Curvance Lending https://twitter.com/curvance Curvance is a cross-chain money market for yield bearing assets. Maximize yield while leveraging the full value of your assets. Curvance simplifies DeFi, with a modular system capable of creating complex strategies for users in a single click.
BetBIG GambleFi https://twitter.com/BetBIG_gg BetBIG is the portal for all gambling activities, launching with 100% of profits accruing to token stakers.
Decentral Games GambleFi @https://twitter.com/decentralgames Decentral Games is the first licensed metaverse casino that delivers a social, immersive gaming experience. Our live games include blackjack, roulette, and poker. We recently launched a mobile app that can be played on any device.
IKB GambleFi https://twitter.com/ikbdotgg IKB is a daily fantasy sports platform built on crypto rails. We are offering the famous games players love powered by crypto.
Insrt GambleFi https://twitter.com/insrtapp Insrt is a mobile betting marketplace where users can win value from creators, communities and brands. Users can use Insrt to take 10x-1000x implied bets while earning $MINT. Suppliers earn fees and engagement.
YOLO Games GambleFi https://twitter.com/YOLO_Blast The Home of Degen Gaming. YOLO Games provides an exciting suite of fun and provably fair on-chain games. Win or lose, players get rewarded for every move throughout the platform.
TideFlow GambleFi https://twitter.com/TideFlowDAO TideFlow currently consists of 2 products: a GambleFi game (Trade. The Game.) which is a fast-paced game of price action trading that pits traders against each other and a DeFi protocol that tokenizes price movements against a benchmark.
Fantasy SocialFi https://twitter.com/fantasy_top_ Fantasy Gaming meets Social Finance. Collect crypto Twitter influencers' cards and earn rewards based on their weekly X performances.
BAC Games NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/bac_web3 Blast Auto Club is not just a game, it's a revolution in Web3 gaming. Join the club, assemble your crew, fuel up with players, and let's embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with BAC!
BLASTR NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blastr_xyz BLASTR - an innovative NFT launchpad platform and protocol, revolutionizes the digital asset space by introducing refundable NFTs and creating novel income opportunities for creators through Blast's native yield mechanism.
Blaze NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blaze0ng Blaze is the creator platform on Blast, a permissionless NFT launchpad that anyone can use to launch their NFT collection in under a minute.
Cambria NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/playdegenarena Cambria is a degen-native, Runescape-inspired game with onchain stakes. Our first mini-game (Degen Arena) pits players against each other in high-stakes 1v1 duels to the death inside of a public Arena.
Captain & Company NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/capncompany Find fortune, foes, and friends for life in Captain & Company: the ultimate swashbuckling MMO. Set sail with up to 10 friends into epic cross-platform naval battles and pillage your way to becoming the wealthiest pirates on the high seas.
Munchables NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/@_munchables_ We are a team of experienced founders and developers across web2 and web3 that have been passionately building an NFT game which we believe brings something completely new to crypto and will have long term cross over appeal.
Wasabi NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/wasabi_protocol Wasabi is the leading NFT leverage platform. With over $20M of volume, and $7M in TVL on Ethereum Mainnet we are very excited to bring our users and liquidity to the frictionless trading environment on Blast.
Spacebar NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/spacebarxyz Onchain Playground on Blast where users stake, play, socialize, and earn
Plutocats NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/plutocatswtf We’re building a way to fund creators in the Blast ecosystem using yield earned from pooled capital through the sale of membership NFTs. We call this social staking.
nftperp NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/nftperp nftperp is a perpetual futures DEX for NFTs - featuring concentrated AMM liquidity with fully on-chain limit orderbook.
Thunder Misc https://twitter.com/thunderterminal Thunder is the first on-chain "brokerage" designed to abstract away and aggregate all pre-existing chains, dexes, and asset classes. Users would be able to trade any asset, across any chain/dex, with the same experience as trading on a CEX.
Baseline Protocol Infra https://twitter.com/baselinemarkets Baseline is an automated tokenomics engine for ERC20 tokens. By utilizing a dynamic supply model and a market making strategy, Baseline gives tokens persistent on-chain liquidity and non-liquidatable leverage right out of the box.
Tornado Blast Infra https://twitter.com/tornadoblastbot The first Blast-focused trading bot to greatly enhance users' experience in developing and executing their trading strategies.
Blast Safe Infra https://twitter.com/protofire Blast Safe is a non-custodial multisig wallet and assets management platform, based on smart-contracts, natively supporting Blast Yield and Gas claiming functionality.
Brahma Infra https://twitter.com/brahmafi Brahma Console is the fast and secure execution environment to navigate DeFi on Blast, built on Safe. Designed to be the go-to suite for both individuals and teams on Blast, it brings programmable automation, delegation, and streamlined execution
Banana Gun Infra https://twitter.com/bananagunbot Banana Gun is YOUR trading bot available on Telegram and (soon) Webapp. Snipe upcoming launches or safely trade tokens that are already live. We aspire to be your go-to platform for trading on the Ethereum, Solana and now on BLAST!
Gelato Infra https://twitter.com/gelatonetwork Gelato is Web3's Cloud platform, offering an all-in-one Rollup-as-a-Service Platform as well as a suite of powerful web3 middleware services.
RedStone Oracles Infra https://twitter.com/redstone_defi RedStone is the quickest-growing Modular Oracle providing data feeds on Blast Testnet in two models:1. Core (Pull) high-performance model2. Classic (Push) Chainlink-compatible interfaceWe will bring both models on Blast Mainnet from day 1.
Hyperlock Finance Infra https://twitter.com/hyperlockfi Supported by Aura, Hyperlock is a yield boost & metagov protocol built to deepen liquidity on Thruster. HL will be critical in bringing Blast projects to-market, allowing them to access liquidity more easily. This benefits traders and DAOs.
Voyager Infra https://twitter.com/parsec_finance Voyager is the Blast native block explorer, incorporating blast native features around yield and gas accrual within a next generation block explorer.
Zap Infra https://twitter.com/zaponblast ZAP is a community-driven token launch protocol, built to alleviate current problems in the token launch space and provide value to both founders and investors.

Runner ups

Dapp Category Twitter Description
Bladeswap Spot Dex https://twitter.com/bladeswapxyz BladeSwap is a veDEX that returns 100% of platform fees to token holders and redirects emissions through voting. Blade simplifies the complex DeFi into fun one-click experience with native batch transaction, real-time voting and daily free loot box!
Blaster Swap Spot Dex https://twitter.com/blasterswap A Meta-DeFi Aggregator with Batch Swap capabilities built to simplify navigation of various DeFi features in one place. Batch Swap - Enabling multiple swaps in a single transaction via best route and price.
MonoSwap Spot Dex https://twitter.com/monoswapio The Blast native custom-built gamified DEX. The creator of MUSD - better than stablecoin.
Aark Perp Dex https://twitter.com/aark_digital Aark is a 1000x exchange powered by LST/LRT assets.
DTX Perp Dex https://twitter.com/0xdtx DTX is an oracle-based decentralized perpetual exchange that provides access to 100+ crypto assets with up to 100x leverage.
HMX Perp Dex https://twitter.com/hmxorg HMX is a decentralized perpetual protocol with cross-margin and multi-asset collateral support with up to 1,000x leverage on 45+ markets across 3 asset classes. HMX also allows depositors to market make for traders and earn a share of the protocol fee.
Opyn Perp Dex https://twitter.com/opyn_ Opyn Markets is the Uniswap of perps. Anyone can permissionlessly deploy a perp market on any asset. TradFi margin meets linear perps, curvy perps, Uni LPs and flexible collateral. New use cases are unlocked - it will change the definition of a perp.
Abracadabra Money Lending https://twitter.com/MIM_Spell A Lending and Leverage platform, built on top of the stablecoin MIM. A new feature introduces MIMSwap on Blast, enhancing the efficiency of its cauldrons while facilitating the frictionless swapping of assets with parallel value dynamics
Fortunafi / Reservoir Lending https://twitter.com/@_Fortunafi Reservoir is a decentralized stablecoin protocol on Blast, with liquid yield, term-based assets, and a robust repo market. Fortunafi is an RWA issuer on Blast - allowing users, institutions, and smart contracts to mint and redeem RWA assets with USDB
INFINIT Lending https://twitter.com/infinitcapital_ INFINIT is a Liquidity Hook money market. Users can lend, borrow, access yield/trading strategies via Hooks such as Auto Debt Repayment, Margin Trading. 3 key tech enabling these are Flash Borrow, Multi-Silo Position, and LP Token as Collateral.
Seismic Finance Lending https://twitter.com/seismicfinance Seismic is the definitive Blast-native lending and borrowing platform. Built for all experience levels, Seismic makes it easy for users to maximize their potential within the Blast ecosystem.
blast the balloon GambleFi https://twitter.com/blasttheballoon Blast the Balloon is a +EV viral lottery game whereby players buy nodes (pumps) off a bonding curve and when the timer runs out all players get a portion of the pot. The game is fully onchain and 100% of fees go to the prize pool.
Draw The Chart GambleFi https://twitter.com/drawthechart DrawTheChart is a fun and easy-to-play chart prediction game that rewards you for accurately predicting chart movements of your favorite coins. Join a live, global competition and compete with friends to see who can best predict the chart.
FlashBit GambleFi https://twitter.com/flashbitxyz A protocol for all speculative activity on Blast. FlashBit reduces the barrier to entry typically seen in on-chain gambling protocols, by eliminating fees and monetizing through yield, thereby providing more upside, incentives and capital efficiency.
MTRIX3D GambleFi https://twitter.com/matrix3d_io
MATRIX3D! is a Web3 lottery Inspired by "The Matrix", experience a cyberpunk lottery on Blast blockchain. Own the game's economy, choose your fate with NFTs, & influence the timer! Thrilling gameplay & dynamic mechanics. Fair & transparent
gm.app SocialFi https://twitter.com/gm_on_blast Download gm.app to buy and create NFT collections on bonding curves. Find cool new communities in both public and private feeds. Participate, trade, and collect to earn gm points. Creators decide how to distribute Blast's native yields and gas fees.
Sax Trade SocialFi https://twitter.com/sax_trade Friend.Tech meets Polymarket, SAX is a culture DEX that lets you speculate on trends and influence the broader cultural landscape without liquidity limitations. It allows users to trade tokenized hashtags on a dynamic bonding curve based on virality.
DistrictOne (D1) SocialFi https://twitter.com/districtoneio Social Space with Money Games.
Quail Finance SocialFi https://twitter.com/quailfinance Quail Finance is a blast native Socialfi dApp that provides collateral free loans to community members based on social trust. It is inspired from the group-based rotating saving and credit scheme called Chit Funds in India.
EarlyFans SocialFi https://twitter.com/earlyfans_xyz EarlyFans helps creators monetize directly from their content without becoming a salesman of ads. Fans speculate on the performance of tweets to earn ETH and creator tokens, while gaining access to exclusive content.
Sofamon SocialFi https://twitter.com/sofamon_xyz redacted
The Bakery SocialFi redacted redacted
AI Waifu NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/aiwaifugg AI Waifu is an AI companion game that replaces your girlfriend. She makes you happy and money

Fantasy anime crypto-native centric that's tamagotchi style, flirt-skill-based, cross-platform, and generative in content. Powered by open-sourced AI. | | SEKAI GLORY | NFTs/Gaming | https://twitter.com/sekaiglory | SEKAI GLORY is an anime, gacha trading card game that combines strategy, art, and blockchain technology. This autobattler game provides a unique experience with real rewards. Players can build and customize decks to compete, collect, and conquer. | | Pixel Race Club | NFTs/Gaming | https://twitter.com/pixelraceclub | PRC is a social betting ecosystem where old-school gamers and new gamers can participate in the nostalgia & classic fun of kart racing games. | | Super Sushi Samurai | NFTs/Gaming | https://twitter.com/sss_hq | Super Sushi Samurai is social strategy-focussed idle game that pioneers the ‘Gameme’ model (Game + Meme). The game generates sustainable gameplay rewards that players compete to obtain. It's played via the telegram platform and is fully on-chain. | | BlastOff | Misc | https://twitter.com/blastozone | BlastOff is a revolutionary Idle Yield - launchpad and yield aggregator built on Blast. Lock assets, mint up-to 10y worth of Future Yield, use that in IDOs. Auto-participation in IDOs via staking on the yield aggregator of via Future Yield tokens. | | Ulti-pilot | Misc | https://twitter.com/ultiversedao | Ulti-pilot is an AI-powered portal addressing the challenge of interoperability in the gaming ecosystem, designed for avid gamers and developers seeking unique, seamless experiences across diverse virtual worlds | | API3 DAO | Infra | https://twitter.com/api3dao | dAPI price feeds provide a verifiable, decentralized source of on-chain price reference. The OEV Network will enable DeFi protocols to recapture value currently extracted through MEV by utilizing a dAPI. | | Biconomy | Infra | https://twitter.com/biconomy | Biconomy provides a plug and play Account Abstraction SDK, which developers can use to enable a keyless, gasless & chainless experience within their dApp, giving a web2-like UX. This can help them onboard more users and have a higher retention rate. | | UNCX Network | Infra | https://twitter.com/uncx_token | B2B Services provider. Create your token, lock your LP, vest tokens, and raise capital. All of that is based on smart contracts, the real DeFi way, since 2020. |

Honorable mentions

Dapp Category Twitter Description
Definitive Spot Dex https://twitter.com/definitivefi Definitive is the premier non-custodial platform for advanced DeFi yield and on-chain trade execution.
RogueX Spot Dex https://twitter.com/roguex_io RogueX is the first true permissionless spot & perpetual DEX, allowing perpetual & spot trading for any liquidity pool hosted on RogueX.
Core Markets Perp Dex https://twitter.com/Core_Markets Intent based perpetuals DEX offering (1) the most pairs available anywhere on-chain, currently 250+ and (2) the deepest liquidity on-chain. The OTC intent architecture removes requirement for LP.
SphereX Perp Dex https://twitter.com/spherex_xyz SphereX is a pioneering perpetual DEX building on Blast including all native features. We are aiming to redefine digital asset trading with unmatched freedom and innovation.
SuperCharged Perp Dex https://twitter.com/supercharged_io Gamified Prediction Market, including x1000 Crypto futures and Prediction Market
Natrium Lending https://twitter.com/natriumprotocol Layer 1: Users create customizable borrow-lending pools, choosing collateral, assets, interest models, and oracles.Layer 2: Shufflers automate fund allocation for maximum returns, with customizable preferences. Funds remain withdrawable
Term Finance Lending https://twitter.com/term_labs Term Finance is a fixed rate lending protocol matching borrowers and lenders via onchain auctions. Term is the first institutional grade, fixed rate lending protocol matching size with no spread, no slippage, no idle liquidity and low fees.
Zest Lending https://twitter.com/zest_blast Zest, similar to Pendle, but separates yield from asset price volatility. Users can deposit Blast_ETH to borrow stablecoin zUSD, earning leveraged Blast_ETH native yield. Another product is mirrorETH, offering users on-chain leveraged ETH derivatives
Doomsday: Survivors of the Blast GambleFi https://twitter.com/doomsday_nft On-chain, competitive survival game. Players earn ETH and compete to win large ETH prizes.
Super Blur Battlerz GambleFi https://twitter.com/sbbattlerz Horse Racing, but with Blur Farmers. We create races between groups of Blur Farmers, and whoever scores the most Blur points during the race wins.
Bayes Game GambleFi https://twitter.com/bayesgame A new web3 lottery game deployed on Blast, designed with maximum decentralization in mind. Perpetual lottery|Fair and Transparent|High Rewards
Meme.fun SocialFi https://twitter.com/memedotfun In meme.fun, users create tickers: communities where members post and vote on memes. The price to join a ticker increases over time. Ticker creators earn 5% of transactions to incentivize high quality memes. Actions earn points, redeemable later.
Clusters SocialFi https://twitter.com/clustersxyz Universal profiles letting people link all their addresses across all blockchains (and multiple VMs!) to solve the fragmentation problem (note: moved to honorables and will not receive allocation from the Big Bang competition due to founder also being an investor).
PacBot SocialFi https://twitter.com/pacmbotapp Web3 Onboarding and Social Trading on telegram
Party Rooms SocialFi https://twitter.com/prtyDAO Party Rooms is a platform for token-gated group chats with group wallets attached. Room memberships are NFTs bought and sold on a bonding curve. 10% of every trade goes to the group wallet.
Blast Penguins NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blastpenguins One way, one dream, one 🐧Making NFT community on Blast L2
Blast Runners NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blastrunnerspvp Blast Runners is a fully on-chain staking game with PVP mechanics. Earn $CREDITS to expand your businesses, workforce and empire. White-paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QsLv2J67IGeFyyV53HriWXAN-HVm49Yzu8mK5ufDFUE/edit?usp=sharing
BLAST SNIPERZ NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blastsniperz 4500 NFT/PFP characters based on cyber punk anime vibes. With access to a sniper bot for NFTs and later updated to tokens. Our own token launch partnered with Thruster. And other NFT innovation for other phases.
Blastopians NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/blastopians Blastopians is a 5k NFT pixel art collection aiming to be the face of Blast. We aim to bring together various NFT communities from several chains and unite them on Blast by leveraging a unique incentives program along with recognizable NFT pixel art.
DropletDAO NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/dropletdao Droplet DAO uses a Nouns DAO Auction and Bonding Mechanism to build protocol owned NFT liquidity.
Nibbl NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/nibblnft Nibbl is a perpetuals DEX for onchain assets like NFTs and ERC404. Nibbl uses a Unified Liquidity AMM which uses a single WETH pool to provide liquidity for trading of all ETH based onchain assets.
PIGS GET BLASTED NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/pigsgetblasted An explodable piggybank protocol meets a 3-month prisoner's dilemma style game theory experiment with art by PFP legend NOMOZ.
The Colony NFTs/Gaming https://twitter.com/thecolonyxyz The Colony is creating a new gold standard for blind box style drops. We're a platform with a vaulting component that serves as a launchpad and MP for tokenized physical collectibles - from TCG and memorabilia to sneakers and high end street wear.
Galxe Misc https://twitter.com/galxe Galxe is the leading platform for building Web3 community.
Pump Misc https://twitter.com/pumpmarkets Pump is the most capital-efficient points and pre-markets marketplace, built on Blast. Sellers can earn up to 9% yield of their collateral while buyers can trade in and out of their positions through NFTs, both of which were not possible before.
Boost Misc https://twitter.com/boost_xy Boost is a distributed incentives network where any wallet can deploy incentive offers targeting any wallet to perform any onchain action.
Blast Developer Bootcamp by Guide DAO Misc https://twitter.com/guidedao The Blast Developer Bootcamp covers Blast blockchain basics to dApp deployment, including smart contract development with Foundry, Hardhat, and ethers.js, plus real-world data integration. It offers mentorship and lifetime updates.
b0x Misc https://twitter.com/b0xevm Introducing b0x• on chain programable time locked assets • on chain payments + lockers with proof• on chain executer of trust • on chain inheritance solution• on chain hodl you from yourself • on chain planning for the next generation
Bitconnect Misc https://twitter.com/bitconnectoken Bitconnect is a gamified blast-airdrop farming DeFi protocol that's giving 90% of the Blast airdrop back to users, based on their activity.
Metaverse HQ Misc https://twitter.com/metaverse_hq Metaverse HQ is a questing and rewards platform built on our proprietary incentivization layer.